Flash Contracting and Gov 2.0

Republished from Silberberg Innovations

Have you heard the one about the 13 year contract in the Federal Government in a large agency? No, really, they exist. Nice work if you can get it. But it is bad for the rest of us.

Usually, I link out to lots of other blogs, stories, background, etc. This time – I am putting something out there.

I call it “Flash Contracting.”

You have heard of flash mobs. You have heard of flash floods. Many businesses shifted to just in time delivery a long time ago. The idea of a 13 year contract in the private sector is practically; almost, unheard of. The contracting process for the U.S. Federal Government and State and Local Governments is not efficient from so many points. We need to start looking at flash contracting as a way to keep the latest transformational changes current in Government as well as society. Instead of 13 year contracts going to huge firms with vested interests in seeing those contracts grow: we need to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship by creating a contracting model where the best available technology wins.

Not some convoluted closed door club.


One thought on “Flash Contracting and Gov 2.0

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