Announcing Constellation Research

Final Announcement Blog – Constellation Research – For Distribution To Key Media Contacts

A challenging business environment is leading to a clear need for fast paced, high impact results from research/analysts firms. Constellation Research partners are responding to this by bringing together some of the best minds from multiple industry backgrounds to present an alternative Technology/ITC research model. It is a model designed to put Technology/ITC consumers first.

Constellation Research believes the current research model is broken, filled with jargon and difficult to access information. Constellation Research introduces a new, simpler process. One that is designed to save time and money while delivering a superb level of service, innovation and execution. How does Constellation Research meet that challenge?

“It is no longer enough to be a subject matter expert. Business demands nuanced but incisive research upon which it can make immediate decisions. Each partner and adviser has been selected for their proven ability to cut through the marketing rhetoric and get to the points that matter to buyers. This has a knock on effect that directly impacts the way Technology/ITC vendors approach development, service and customer relationships,” says R ‘Ray’ Wang, Principal Analyst & CEO, Constellation Research.

Constellation Research deliberately set out to attract partners that have established themselves in the market and built up successful practices. Each partner has to demonstrate multi-disciplinary capabilities along with a strong desire to both actively share and collaborate with colleagues, partners and the wider world.

“The beauty of the Constellation model is that we can quickly assemble teams across multiple knowledge domains from multiple countries capable of delivering fast track results in ways that demonstrate a clear break from the past,” says Wang.

A typical Constellation Research client will be one that needs to understand the impact, benefits, risks and rewards arising from disruptive business models and technologies.

“We are living in a time when the 20th century business models and technologies are under intense scrutiny. It is difficult for public and private organizations to make sense of the tsunami of ITC marketing coming at them. Constellation Research communicates the essence of the tectonic shifts that are occurring in a no-nonsense, practical manner, providing coherent, actionable advice,” says Vinnie Mirchandani, Principal Analyst & VP

Constellation Research is coming to market with 10 partners (see attached for details) assisted by a world class board of 5 advisers (see attached for details.) Over the coming months, Constellation Research expects to significantly deepen its bench strength and broaden its knowledge portfolio.

“Our model is highly attractive to those with a natural curiosity yet who are capable of precise thinking. As we go forward, additional partners will be matched to a rigorous set of selection criteria that ensures we preserve the integrity of the model,” says Wang.

Press Contacts:
North America: Brian Solis:
EMEA: Dennis Howlett:
APAC: Paul Papadimitriou:

Sales Contacts
•David Stanley, Vice President of Business Development and Sales
•Office: 719.357.7826
•Twitter: @kiwigate


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