Gov 2.0 L.A. 2012 Partnering and venue change.

Gov 2.0 L.A. Hybrid Camp 2012

We have some exciting news to share.

Gov 2.0 LA will be shifting the Gov20LA event venue to Pepperdine University in Malibu, California for the 2012 event and for future years as well. We are thrilled to be making this announcement and thrilled to be partnering with a world class academic institution like Pepperdine. In the future, we will be working with some of their policy experts and others to help create a long term vision and support for the ideals and values of open government, transparency and engaged citizens that is espoused by the annual Gov 2.0 L.A. event.

In our 3rd year, Gov 2.0 L.A. has consistently and specifically sought out the world’s leading experts on social media, government and engaged participatory democracy; and we have delivered them to your desktop and on line tv outlets so you can learn with and be engaged with us. We have an incredible line-up of speakers for 2012. It is going to be a very exciting event again, and will be live-streamed onto the Internet as in the past, and we will be fully interactive for questions and input through Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ as well as the chat associated with our live stream.

If you would like to be a “part of” Gov20LA and won’t be able to attend in person, we ask you to help support us through Kickstarter. While we have some corporate sponsors, this event is about empowering you by creating more engaged governments. So help us by empowering us through kickstarter and thank you for your online participation and support all year round.

Now with the participation of Pepperdine and a stunningly beautiful location (on the coast in Malibu, California) we cannot be more excited for the upcoming April 21, 2012 event and those beyond. We have been blessed with tremendous participation in the past and we look forward to having you engage with our speakers again this year.

Here is Alan W. Silberberg opening the 2011 Gov20LA event.

Alan W. Silberberg Opening Remarks Gov 2.0 L.A. 2/12/2011 from Gov20LA on Vimeo.


Gov 2.0 and Gov 3.0 Thoughts

The speaker list for Gov 2.0 L.A. 2012 is out:

@nigelcameron Nigel Cameron
thinking | speaking | tweeting | blogging || future | tech | policy | values || | ||

@Jon_Ferrara Jon Ferrara #sCRM
Pioneer; creator of CRM solutions, CEO –, Founder of GoldMine. Interests; Social Business, Customer Lifecycle, Acquisition, Enchantment; Retention.

@JeanneHolm Jeanne Holm
Evangelist,; Chief Knowledge Architect at NASA/JPL

@acc_cto Bill Marion
Chief Technology Officer; Former AFCEA President; Unified Comms driver; Cyber, Intel; Missions Systems Expertise; Vision for Kinect, Mobile, and leadership.

@AndrewNebus Andrew Nebus
Background in technology development, command and control systems, government records, and infosec with a passion for Gov 2.0

@craignewmark craignewmark
customer service rep & founder for craigslist; craigconnects

@lewisshepherd Lewis Shepherd
Live in Virginia, work in DC and Redmond, play on the web. Director of Microsoft Institute for Advanced Technology in Governments.

@JulianneShinto Julianne Shinto
CEO, Imprimpatur…

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